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it’s a little known fact that during its trial runs on earth, nasa’s mars rover actually ran over a kitten. that’s right. curiosity killed the cat




if this isnt the EXACT plot of the movie i will be MAD

Director - David Fincher

larry the cable guy

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Somebody once proposed to me the theory that the Tusken Raiders from Star Wars aren’t actually a species any longer, that they were unable to reproduce and so they started stealing babies and inducting lost desert travelers and assimilating them into their culture, and this practice continued long after the original species died out entirely, and the leaders of Tusken society forbid them from revealing their bodies to each other so that nobody ever finds out.  Every Tusken Raider thinks they’re the only one who isn’t a Tusken Raider.

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Isn’t each according to their ability to each according to their need ableist?



Europe redrawn again, this time by a local television from Madrid, Telemadrid
Alemania = Germany, Polonia = Poland


Europe redrawn again, this time by a local television from Madrid, Telemadrid

Alemania = Germany, Polonia = Poland

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  • [2014-09-22 18: 17:53] The Influence: Would it sound '50s to say I suspect my mother is a communist?
  • [2014-09-22 18: 18:25] Isaac Dumblecroft: Depends why.
  • [2014-09-22 18: 19:05] The Influence: Ever since the referendum she's been going on about how everyone who voted no is a capitalist and all capitalists are either ignorant and dimwitted or rich and greedy.
  • [2014-09-22 18: 20:12] The Influence: Suppose that explains why she always buys el cheapo option and assumes it won't have worse manufacturing or capabilities than something closer to the average price range.
  • [2014-09-22 18: 21:46] The Influence: I mean I'd go with Libertarian but she'd never want to be something dad was. And his reasoning behind being one did sort-of make sense. Then again he photoshopped Mr Bean's face onto Alistair Downing's body and had this super edgy V for Vendetta thing going on at the time.
  • [2014-09-22 18: 22:22] Isaac Dumblecroft: Your dad had a V for Vendetta thing going on?
  • [2014-09-22 18: 22:27] Isaac Dumblecroft: Is he actually 13?
  • [2014-09-22 18: 22:27] Alonse "Doolittle" Briccoli, professional cow photographer: I don't know where to begin with that paragraph
  • [2014-09-22 18: 22:38] Alonse "Doolittle" Briccoli, professional cow photographer: heat puts it well
  • [2014-09-22 18: 22:47] The Influence: ...Well, there you have it. My mum's THAT side of tumblr, my dad's 4chan and my Brother's Youtube comments.
  • [2014-09-22 18: 22:57] Isaac Dumblecroft: hahahahaha
  • [2014-09-22 18: 23:03] Isaac Dumblecroft: And you?
  • [2014-09-22 18: 23:09] The Influence: Twitch.
  • [2014-09-22 18: 23:16] Isaac Dumblecroft: of course.
  • [2014-09-22 18: 23:25] The Influence: Live coverage of what I'm playing 24/7.
  • [2014-09-22 18: 23:32] The Influence: All games, all the time.
  • The Influence: What's new, Scythey?
  • Olive MiAngels: wondering how my brain works
  • The Influence: It doesn't, mystery solved.
  • Olive MiAngels: yay!
  • The Influence: Context?
  • Olive MiAngels: idk, I just have a habit of absent-mindedly thinking things?
  • The Influence: ...And?
  • Olive MiAngels: like they just come to mind without me like.. actually intentionally thinking about them
  • Olive MiAngels: specifically
  • Olive MiAngels: just now
  • Olive MiAngels: I thought to myself
  • Olive MiAngels: "I need fucking water"
  • Olive MiAngels: simple enough, right?
  • The Influence: Yeah.
  • Olive MiAngels: well while walking to get my water, focused on my task
  • Olive MiAngels: the next series of thoughts that came to mind were
  • Olive MiAngels: "I need water fucking"
  • Olive MiAngels: "I need water to fuck"
  • Olive MiAngels: "I need to fuck water"
  • Olive MiAngels: "is hydrosexuality a thing?"
  • The Influence: That's a train of thought.
  • Olive MiAngels: it's one I never intended to board